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Enjoy Español, a project that transformed our migratory experience into something positive and materialised by uniting our passionfor different cultures, innovation, languages and education.

The values of the #EspírituEnjoyYou may have seen us in:are an extension of ourselves and work to achieve what we consider most important:an emotional connection with the language.Creativity, passion, fun and motivation, an education in values and diversity, personalisation, entrepreneurial spirit and Enjoy teachers This foundation provides the template for our way of teaching, for the materials we create and for our way of helping other teachers. Would you like to get to know us better?

With our method, #SpiritEnjoy, we intend to change the way a languageis taught and learned,linking it to creativity, emotion, fun and motivation.

Olaya Fernández

Creator of Enjoy Españolandteacherspecialising in children and teenagers

I was born in Asturias, a beautiful region northern Spain. If you’ve never been there… Then you should visit it as soon as possible! That is where I grew up surrounded by mountains and nature, and where I discovered that teaching was my passion. I decided to study Classical Philology. When I had finished my studies, I moved to Malaga to obtain a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. I specialised in Latin, Greek and the Castilian Language and literature. It was then that I discovered how much I loved travelling and getting to know new cultures. So, in 2012, I packed my suitcase with excitement and went to London. I never imagined that this city would give me so many happy moments, so many friends and so much personal and professional growth. In London I worked as a Spanish teacher in various primary and secondary schools. All my efforts were focused on acquiring all the necessary experience and training, and that’s how I obtained QTS («Qualified Teacher Status», the certificate that enabled me to take up a teaching post in the UK).

The twists and turns of life

In London I fell in love with my boyfriend and withentrepreneurship (I told you it was a very important city for me! xD) I set up my own company for teaching Spanish to children through Spanish clubs and private classes. And it was at that precise moment that I knew that entrepreneurship had set me free. What if it allowed me to return to my country? After an absence of four years, it was time: without a job but with a dream to fulfil, I returned to Spain in July 2016. Online teaching came into my life by chance: it was very difficult to say goodbye to so many children and that’s how the idea came to me: what if we don’t say «goodbye», but «see you later» instead? My face-to-face students became my first online students.

Back home

From the moment I set foot back in Spain, I worked very hard to achieve my dream: training as an entrepreneur, learning to create my own website and set up my own business, starting to soak in what they called «digital marketing» … I spent six months in a business accelerator programme organised by the EOI business school, accompanied by hours of training and the best mentor I could ever have had, and then Enjoy Español was born. It was a long delivery, but it was painless. And then, the real hard work started. Made of both good and bad moments, and of both despair and excitement. But I always had a clear objective: to live from my passion.

It’s not easy, but… who said it was going to be?

Almost three years later, I can say that taking that risk was the best decision of my life and now I enjoy much more of each and every stage that Enjoy gives me.

But life isn’t just work… it’s also to be enjoyed! Travelling is one of my passions. I love discovering every corner of a place, tasting every typical dish, learning about its history. I know that someday I will have my own caravan and dedicate a year to travelling and teaching Spanish around the world. As a good Asturian,I love nature. I was lucky enough to grow up with an environmental guide as a mother and it’s in that context that I feel 100% myself. I can’t stand still, I’m always thinking, conceiving ideas, getting excited. Some people call me the galaxy woman (is it because I dream too much? xD) but I’m better known as the “squirrel”… as you might imagine, it’s because I’m bouncy and curious.

I can’t imagine life without animalsand I’m passionate about cats. My Simba kept me company for almost 20 years, and now it’s Almi who accompanies us on the journey of life, giving us her love, affection and a few little bites. Actually, she’s the one who is the real boss at Enjoy Español. You’ll see her going to group discussions, live interviews and classes… She always has to keep it all under control!

Living surrounded by animals and nature is very important to me, and that’ s why ecologywill also be an essential part of my project in the future.

The real boss

Hi, I’m Alma, the one and only true director of Enjoy Español. My place of birth is uncertain, and I adopted my fellow humans in October 2018. I was probably born in the Mountains of the Levant because my coat, physical features and personality indicate that I am wild. I like to superviseall the classes my employee Olaya teaches – that’s why the students always see me passing by their class to greet them or to cuddle up to my subordinate’s legs. I love live interviews or conferences. Whenever Olaya has one, I’m there so that I don’t miss anything that is going on in the online world. What I like most about having an online teaching company is being able to spend hours playing, eating or sleeping anywhere in the world. If you want to send me a present, gourmet pâtés are my favourite and I love playing with pom-poms.

Lorena Bellés

Spanish teacher specialising in adults.

I was born in Castellón de la Plana, a city that has seen me grow and where I currently live. While studying for my degree in Translation and Interpreting, I discovered that I was passionate about teaching my mother tongue to others and sharing my culture with them. That’s why I decided to take an ELE International course and train as a Spanish teacher. After that, I trained as aSIELE exam instructor and since then I have not stopped attending courses and conferences related to the world of teaching Spanish. I spent the summer of 2016 with a local family in Edinburgh and that experience made me fall even more in love with learning/teaching languages and exchanging cultures even more.



My interest in entrepreneurshipemerged when I realised that I didn’t see myself working in a conventional job. That’s just not for me. I’m very restless, curiousand crazy about trying new things.

For that reason, online classes were a revelation for me. My passions (apart from teaching) are reading, digital photography, travelling, hiking, handicrafts and…surprise, surprise! learning new languages. So far, I speak Spanish, Catalan, English and German, but I’m sure the list will continue to grow 🙂

Collaborating to continue learning is another of the things we like the most. You may have seen us in:

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