«Laughing leads to learning»


How we teach Spanish? Our method is based on the combination of creativity, motivation, gamification and real experiences. Discover our main principles. Discover our #EspírituEnjoy

We also follow the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology.

What is CLIL? ‘CLIL refers to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through a foreign language with dual-focussed aims, namely the learning of content, and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language’. (Marsh, 1994)

This approach involves learning subjects such as history, geography or others, through an additional language. It can be very successful in enhancing the learning of languages and other subjects, and developing in the youngsters a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards themselves as language learners. (Marsh, 2000)

You are part of our #UniversoEnjoy and therefore, you have the power to change the world.



Communicative approach

Interaction and an efficient, real use of the language in real communication situations. Lists of verbs? Useless gap-fill exercises? No, thanks!

Innovative e-learning environments

All our lesson types, be them online, semi attendance and attendance, put a big focus on space. Online lessons are live with a virtual tutor via free, easy to use platforms such as Skype or Hangouts, which allow us to use a wide range of visual resources, turning every lesson into an interactive learning space.

Creative learning environments

Our immersion programmes are intended to give a new twist to traditional learning, by using creative and collaborative spaces to create learning environments linked to the enjoyment and the connection between language and culture. In this manner, Spanish learning opens up to a stimulating environment that creates expectation and promotes additional motivation among students.

Enjoy and learn

Our online lessons and immersion programmes provide a different approach based on fun and enjoyment, where motivation is led through activities and experiences that make every student link learning Spanish with positive, real, fun and memorable experiences.

Enjoy teachers

We have a carefully selected team of teachers. “Enjoy” teachers are native speakers, with specific academic training as a foreign language teacher, in addition to extensive experience teaching Spanish. They learn new languages, and they are creative, dynamic and committed. All our teachers work in collaboration to ensure that your learning experience is complete, so you can meet your goals and achieve high quality levels.


Ongoing progress monitoring

In order to ensure success when learning a second language, we believe it is very important that students never feel alone. From the first lesson and throughout the entire process, students are led by their teachers, who will guide them through their learning and provide them with the required feedback to improve on a daily basis, either by solving any queries, listening to their suggestions or reviewing homework.

Students as the main focus

We believe in the need to adapt to each individual’s different ways of learning and specific requirements. For that reason, our contents focus on each student’s immediate needs, by combining all the required skills in every lesson to prepare students for a real communication situation.

Enjoy resources

Bearing in mind that we don’t all learn in the same manner, and we don’t have the same interests, our activities are designed around the student’s interests, needs and ways of learning. Customisation makes learning a more experimental and motivating experience while ensuring further student involvement, making them feel like the real focus in their learning process.

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