Personalise your course by choosing the number of hours per week, the timetable, the modality and the contents to be reinforced.


Our school enables you to learn Spanish while enjoying all the comforts provided by online teaching. Our commitment to you is the QUALITY of our classes and the PROFESSIONALISMof our teachers. Why do you want to learn Spanish? How important is it for you to be taught in another language? Which of your children’s skills do you want your children to improve? Your objectives matter and will be listened to at the trial class so that, if you decide to stay with us, they will be the common thread running through all the methodology and content of the course.

In addition, you can complement your classes with face-to-face sessions in which you can associate the language with moments of fun, cultural exchange, sport, gastronomy and traditions. Enquire without obligation and we will tell you what our collaborators in the Valencian Community have to offer.


This course may be of interest to you if:


  • You are educating your child within a bilingual family and want them toimprove their spoken and written language, reading comprehension and motivation.
  • Your child is being «homeschooled» and you would like to expand their education to include Spanish.
  • You would like your child tolearn Spanish by relating the experience to moments that are full of creativity and real language learning.

✔️ Attendance rom 4 years of age.

✔️ One-to-one classes with an online teacher via Zoom.

✔️ Personalisation of learning and motivation.

✔️ Development of the child’s autonomy and responsibility.

✔️ Entrepreneurial initiative.

✔️ Active practice.

✔️ Meaningful learning.



This course may be of interest to you if:


  • You are studying at an international or Spanish schooland need language support
  • You need to pass your GCSE or would you like to get the DELE schoolcertificate
  • You think that Spanish can improve your future at work, and you would love to learn it as well as learning about Spain’s culture and diversity.

✔️ One-to-one or group classes via Zoom with an online teacher.

✔️ Personalisation of learning and motivation.

✔️ Real use of the language through the practice of all skills.

✔️ Active practice.

✔️ Trainer certified by the Instituto Cervantes and QTS



This course may be of interest to you if:


  • You can’t afford an individual class but want to improve how you express yourself orally
  • You would you like to improve your Spanish by discussing topics that interest you and learning about Spanish culture
  • You need motivationto improve your Spanish and want to share your learning experience.

✔️One-to-one or group classes.

✔️Personalisation of learning and motivation.

✔️ Content guide for guided and constructive learning.

✔️ Share your class with friends and pay less.

✔️From B1 upwards

What’s included?

Personalised material put together especially for you.

Email correction, progress analysis, continuous assessment, recommendations for improvement, active practice and development of autonomy and creativity.

Fun and motivation!

Without emotion or curiosity, there is no learning – that’s why our teachers will be your «coaches» so that you remember each class with joy.

Do you want to improve your Spanish in the Valencian Community? Enquire about face-to-face courses!

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